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Enviro Solutions

Enviro-Solutions, an ISO-9002 Certified company, was established in 1994, with a very focused mission:

To develop and market, through new technology, a superior line of cleaning solutions dedicated to providing significant, relevant added value in terms of performance, safety, health and environmental benefits. To deliver proven safety, health and environment benefits with no sacrifice to product performance and remaining competitive in price.

Key Benefits

  • Healthier & Safer for your employees
  • Safer for the Environment
  • Performance

Click the following links for information on each product:

Effective cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing and disinfection, all in concentrated form which is easy to use and economical.

Washroom Care
Offering a full line of washroom cleaning products containing Envirocide to maintain a fresh, clean smelling washroom.

General Cleaners
A full line of products ready to tackle a full range of problems from a sink full of dirty dishes to graffiti paint.

Floor Care
A full line of carpet care, stripping, floor finish, floor sealer and concrete sealer.

Our concentrated products are aimed at producing excellent results at a savings to our customer Our concentrates may be run through a button unit, which is hooked up to a water source. The button unit allows the correct amount of water to mix with the correct amount of product, thus getting the correct dilution for peak performance every time. Using the button unit also eliminates the "glug, glug" effect which may occur when product is poured out of the bottle at too fast a rate and some is splashed on the floor or on the user.

For more information on Enviro Solutions products visit their site at www.enviro-solution.com.


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