Lawrason’s Inc. manufactures a wide range of high quality specialty chemical products. These products are sold primarily to the industrial and institutional janitorial and sanitation supply markets.

Lawrason’s Inc. also manufactures similar type products direct to major retailers across Canada. Contract Manufacturing and packaging provides Lawrason’s Inc. with opportunities to partner with small to large multi-national organizations who benefit from Lawrason’s Inc.’s technical and manufacturing expertise.

Lawrason’s Inc.’s diversified product portfolio includes:

  • Multi-purpose cleaners and degreasers
  • Disinfectants
  • Glass, tile and wood cleaners
  • Hand cleaners and sanitizers
  • Drain maintainers and toilet bowl cleaners
  • Pet Care cleaning & deodorizing agents
  • Enzymatic cleaners and deodorizers
  • Specialty Aerosols
  • Sweeping Compounds.

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